Five-year Financial Summary

Group financial highlights

Business Development and Earnings20182019202020212022
Order intake€ m2,303.52,453.82,143.42,411.72,862.1
Sales revenue€ m2,245.92,383.22,207.92,343.62,573.4
Orders on hand€ m1,353.91,409.31,288.51,366.21,497.8
Earnings before finance income / expense, income tax, depreciation and amortisation (EBITDA)€ m179.2195.5170.1222.1259.5
Earnings before finance income / expense and income tax (EBIT)€ m74.7113.670.2141.2169.1
Earnings before income tax (EBT)€ m65.6103.461.6139.9160.7
Earnings after income tax€ m23.958.54.4110.3127.3
Free cash flow
(cash flows from operating activities + cash flows from investing activities)
€ m–29.170.9111.687.5–86.9
Balance Sheet20182019202020212022
Balance sheet total€ m2,242.22,327.02,140.02,314.42,478.9
Investments€ m79.6107.097.6103.6121.6
Depreciation and amortisation€ m104.581.999.980.990.4
Net financial position€ m255.0246.3*304.8365.6225.6
(incl. non-controlling interests)
€ m856.8862.6703.8869.11,125.6
Equity ratio
(incl. non-controlling interests)
EBT margin (sales revenue in relation to EBT)%
EBIT margin (sales revenue in relation to EBIT)%
Number of employees at 31 Dec.15,482#15,64515,07615,41215,693
Market capitalisation at 31 Dec.€ m491.3536.1441.9727.8644.3
Earnings per ordinary share (EPS)6.2624.47–5.6353.3459.05
Earnings per preference share (EPS)6.6424.73–5.3753.6059.31
Dividend per ordinary no-par-value share3.008.504.0012.0019.50
Dividend per preference no-par-value share3.388.764.2612.2619.76
* 2019 amount includes lease liabilities of € 47.1 million from the first-time adoption of IFRS 16.
# New definition of employee counting method in 2019 (2018 figures restated retrospectively; previous years are presented without adjustments).
Further information is provided in the Notes to the consolidated financial statements.