Made by KSB

KSB stands for exceptional performance. The company’s internal Made by KSB certification guarantees a high standard of product and process quality as well as comprehensive environmental and occupational safety management – KSB-wide. The certification’s requirements exceed those of most international standards for quality, environmental management, and occupational health and safety.

Mónica AntolínMónica Antolín

In addition to high quality, Made by KSB certifies short delivery times, swift and competent service, and optimised manufacturing processes. Mónica Antolín has been QEHS Manager at KSB ITUR in Spain for eleven years. QEHS stands for quality and environmental management, health and safety. Mónica Antolín reports on the importance – and the challenges – of such certification.

“We achieved our first Made by KSB certification at KSB ITUR in May 2016, after two years of hard work on our processes. It took serious motivation to overcome some obstacles. But as a subsidiary that supplies products to other KSB factories around the world, it was important for us to be properly certified.

High standards

The certification goes far beyond compliance with the international standards ISO 9001 for quality, ISO 14001 for environmental management and ISO 45001 for occupational health and safety. Made by KSB also means adhering to KSB’s internally defined procedures and processes, and applying these ­effectively and efficiently.

This certification guarantees that every KSB factory has the same level of quality, environmental management and safety, and the same general KSB processes and tools as those introduced throughout the company.

We carry out quality checks on every critical process to verify that process outcomes match planned results. Although the focus must be on the processes, it is sometimes also necessary to verify the product.

Mónica Antolín in conversation with a colleague

Broad acceptance among employees

My QEHS team is very small. There are only eight of us in a company with 275 employees. It is therefore essential to work together with the other departments as a team. Although it has been a very challenging task over the last few years, I can say that KSB ITUR employees now understand that we are all part of the QEHS process.”

CERTIFICATION PROCEDURE MADE BY KSB PROCESS LAUNCH 1 Request to launch a Made by KSB process with the responsible global department. AUDIT 2 The audit plan covers one week and includes an audit of all processes. REMEDYING NON-CONFORMITIES 3 With the support of colleagues, non-conformities identified in the audit ­report are rectified. ONGOING TASK 4 Monitoring and verification of all stakeholders to ensure that they comply with established procedures. If a procedure is no longer ­practicable or efficient, improvement measures are ­ initiated.
A short interview with Mónica Antolín.