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The 2022 Financial Year

Order intake

2862€ million


169.1€ million

Sales revenue

2573€ million


15693(31 December 2022)

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In action around the globe

All over the world, innovative technology is at work tackling demanding tasks across a wide range of applications. Products and solutions from KSB are a key part of this process.


Facilitating rocket launches

Liquid hydrogen and oxygen provide the propulsive energy to launch an Ariane rocket in French Guiana. KSB’s DANAÏS TBT butterfly valve is used in the space centre’s tank farm. The cryogenic valve is particularly well-suited to the needs of this sensitive system which handles highly explosive hydrogen.

Products & Services
EtaLine Pro

Reducing power consumption

The enormous shopping malls of the world’s cities are housed in large-scale buildings requiring prime air conditioning systems. Here, pumps such as KSB’s EtaLine Pro play a crucial role. This compact and versatile pump is extremely efficient thanks to an integrated control system. It thus makes an important contribution to protecting the environment.

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Sensor unit and smartphone with KSB Guard app

Operating data at a glance

Transparency, availability, operating reliability and efficiency – these are what pump system operators want. The KSB Guard digital monitoring solution is an all-in service package which allows operating data to be accessed round the clock via a web portal or app. In addition, the data is analysed by experts at the KSB Guard Monitoring Centre who can contact operators in case of anomalies.

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Drawing strength from our achievements

The COVID-19 pandemic is not yet over, with the Russian invasion of Ukraine adding to the situation. KSB looks back on 150 years of business, but the future will bring a range of challenges for the company. In this interview, Managing Directors Dr Stephan Timmermann, Dr Stephan Bross, Ralf Kannefass and Dr Matthias Schmitz explain why they nevertheless remain optimistic that KSB is on course for success.

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